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How the website looked like before recreation, site was abandoned from November 98 to November 99 when i decided to come back to it. i started the remaster process in January 2000. The code would not work because i screwed it up alot. It took me a while to get the last November 16th 1999 version even openable. Site was registred on October 20th, not sure why i thought that it was made in October 18th or 10th. Whatever. Kinda cringe warning.

November 16th, 1998 (Recreation)

 November 12th, 1999

November 16th, 1999 (January 5th, 2000)

March 26th, 2000

Feabuary 20th, 2001

fuck not finished

LAST TIME UPDATED: September 4th, 2000 / May 18th, 2001